The Mason Nation Project

This is The Mason Nation Project. George Mason University is one of the most diverse universities in the country. And now we are setting out to prove it.

Every week, a new Patriot—student, faculty, staff, alumni—will tweet from @GeorgeMasonU, telling us about their classes and/or students, recommending places to eat or events to check out and sharing his or her unique viewpoints and ideas along the way.

Most importantly, they’ll help to tell the story of the Mason Nation.

Follow us today @GeorgeMasonU, #MasonNation, and join us for the ride.

So Why Are We Doing This?

George Mason University consistently ranks high on national lists of diverse institutions. With students from more than 100 countries with all kinds of interests, passions, knowledge and experiences, we have many stories to tell and many voices that make up the Mason community.

We feel that one person cannot capture the complete picture of our complex and fascinating community. With a new voice each week at @GeorgeMasonU, we hope to begin to understand the many layers of the university community. Everyone has a story to tell.

Much like @Sweden, which allows a citizen of Sweden to take over their Twitter account each week, @GeorgeMasonU will have rotating “curators” Tweeting on our official account. The Mason Nation tweeters will help to tell Mason’s story in their own unique way. All of our curators will be established Twitter users with strong ties to the university—current students, faculty, staff members and even alumni.

But You Miss Getting Mason News and Events?

No problem. Be sure to follow us @GeorgeMasonNews or @MasonSpirit.

Nominate Someone for The Mason Nation Project

To nominate yourself or someone else for The Mason Nation Project, please fill out the Mason Nation Project form.

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