Snapchat Takeover Rules

You must follow George Mason University on Snapchat!

Takeover details
• Date & topic:
• Account username:
• Password:

Starting your takeover
• Start by introducing yourself
• Describe what is happening today
• Show us where you are
• Talk about your connection to George Mason University

• Stories should be roughly a minute long. This is about 7-15 snaps
• 1 full story per day (you will have the Snapchat account for 1 week; Monday-Monday)
• Must snap on weekends!

Some ideas for content
• What aspects of today’s event show what is unique about George Mason University?
• How does this show that learning happens outside of the classroom?
• How does this show a positive impact on others at Mason and beyond?
• Consider interviewing other students as well

Content that is NEVER acceptable
• Please don’t open snaps sent to us! You can only open them once & I need to see and respond
to them
• Hateful, threatening or stereotyping comments. This includes what you might think a “joke” is – be very cautious of pop culture references that could prove to be offensive
• Violent behavior & obscene language
• Partying, drinking, drugs
• Nudity or sexual content
• Overtly political content such as protests, petitions, student elections.
• Commercial content — whether it is your business or someone else’s.
• Criticism of a specific person or organization.
• Snaps of children (anyone under the age of 18)
• Snaps of people who of people would not want or expect their photo/video to be shared. (Embarrassing moments, unflattering angles, private events, sensitive topics.)

• We would love it if you promote your takeover on your own social media accounts!
• We may share screenshots of your story on social media to promote the takeover.
• We may download a copy of your story to share on other channels.



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