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Hashtag Library

George Mason University communicators use a series of hashtags in an effort to uniformly catalog the university’s most important stories. Listed below is our library of hashtags with their descriptions.

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Used for

#MasonNation Proud to be part of the Mason community? Use this hashtag for “all things Mason” in your Tweets, posts, and photos.
#WeAreMason Show your Mason spirit using this hashtag. Heavily focused on all things “athletic,” this takes off during basketball season.
#MasonSocial Hashtag for social media at George Mason University.
#MyMasonCap Planning to showcase your creativity during graduation? Use this hashtag to show us your cap and it might be featured on Instagram or Facebook!
#MasonGrad Graduation (Winter) and Commencement (Spring)
#MasonPhoto Your photos around the #MasonNation!
#MasonFall Your photos around the #MasonNation during the fall.
#MasonWinter Your photos around the #MasonNation during the winter.
#MasonSpring Your photos around the #MasonNation during the spring.
#MasonSummer Your photos around the #MasonNation during the summer.
#MasonHC Homecoming
#MasonSibsKids18 Mason Sibs & Kids Weekend
#MasonOnThe5s Off-Campus Students High-5 Program
#ChooseMason The official hashtag for Admissions.
#Give2Mason Mason’s Giving Day