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Wagnus Prioleau

Posted: May 16, 2016 at 12:10 pm

Wagnus Prioleau is a junior studying actuarial mathematics with a minor in Music. He is a Move Crew coordinator for Mason Housing, a violinist in the Green Machine, a Mason Ambassador and is affiliated with many other on-campus organizations.  He hails from Suffolk, Virginia—the Commonwealth’s largest city by land area, but known of by few.
In more ways than one, Wagnus stumbled into his major. Yet, he owes it to Mason for it being the only university in the commonwealth to offer his field of study at the time of his admission.
He plans to pursue a career as a certified actuary, forecasting markets and being a tell-tell for people in need of risk counseling when making investments.
As for music, it is one of Wagnus’ deepest passions.  He enjoys singing, dancing, and has been playing violin for eleven years.  He knew when he came to college that he wanted to formally study music and have a leisurely outlet within it.  Ever since he started at Mason, Wagnus has been part of the Green Machine.  The pep band provides him a space where being himself is more than enough.